About Alison

Alison Clarke is a painter living and working in Wimbledon, London. Her painterly semi abstract style is an expression of her observation and interaction with the natural world, which is surprisingly and joyfully abundant in her corner of the enormous conurbation of Greater London, Wimbledon Common being a place she can study, paint and breathe.

Clarke studied Fine Art at Canterbury and her laser like focus on the ways of seeing that are so important to her has never waned. Harking back to the great English landscape artists, she is drawn to a ‘sense of place’ and a sensitive yet sometimes dramatic representation of how she feels she fits in to this long thread of artists.

Clarke’s work is housed in private collections across Europe, she has worked in collaboration with brands she feels equal her values and ideas and she regularly exhibits in London.

My work is semi abstract landscape, inspired by my time walking in Wimbledon Common, a wild, unkempt, big open space, alarmingly close to the city of London. The tension between these worlds is real, and can be felt in my work.

“The changing seasons. Getting old, my body not how it was, everything changing, children – draining me but filling me up in equal quantities, my studio, my place, my sanctuary, my paintings, everything in my life, on card, canvas and board, in colour and shape.  Laughter and tears, loss and grief, and joy.  Everything makes sense to me when I’m outside walking, my paintings are a way for me to bring the outside in, and to share that.”