So here we are! 

We’re well into 2024 now, and January saw such low temperatures, which coincided with me feeling really driven and I painted and painted (complete with thermals and a hat). I’ve just put up 21 pieces on my website, most, but not all started in January, but all finished in January. 

I took a trip to the London Art Fair, with a check list of things to see, questions to ask, and maybe find a gallery that I clicked with, or whose curation might suit me. I found a few actually! What I wasn’t prepared for was the amount of beautiful contemporary work I saw, it was at least as inspiring as a trip to the Tate. This is very encouraging indeed.  

I’m working on 3 pretty big pieces now, alongside a few small ones, and have put in a monster order for frames and have taken a whirl with the Royal Academy and their impossible to get into Summer Exhibition – you know I have boycotted it for many years (they are shaking in their boots in Piccadilly), but finally I thought, why not? We shall see. I’m thrilled to say I sold a few pieces in January, thank you so very much for your support – it’s just wonderful.  

I continue to paint landscape, big skies and a feeling of how important being outside in nature is to me, how it levels, heals, fixes and inspires.  

I really wanted to show you some paintings with that low winter sunlight streaming through the window today, but it is possibly the wettest day of the year, with accompanying heavy grey flat light, so no streaming sunshine, more streaming rain. Winter, get over it Alison!

Wishing you all the best of this year to come, I hope to see you in May at the Wimbledon Art Fair, Open Studio (9-12 May 2024). If you want to come sooner, or have a burning desire to know more about any of the work I just put up on please get in touch. Thank you again for staying with me on this art trail – it’s such a journey with so many twists and turns and I’m thrilled to have you along for the ride!