Hello there,
Well, this muted summer we are having does nothing to dampen my appreciation of the ‘soft box’ type light and mossy colours which are all around us these last few weeks, but some crystal blue sky would not go amiss either – any time soon please!
I’ve been diving back into oil paint since the Wimbledon Art Fair in May, it is a slow process (in every way), but the beautiful way the paint moves and slithers around like room temperature butter, is like nothing else. The tendency to overwork and turn my canvases into squares of mud coloured paint is testing my patience, but when it works – boy it’s a good feeling. Normally I show you lots of recent work in these emails, today, just a couple – nothing else feels close enough to completion to share at this stage!
The next Open Studio dates have just been released, 14-17 November, pop it in your diary. You never know, I might have finished a few oil paintings by then – or reverted back to my trusted acrylic paints!
I will be in France in August, and planning on spending some time contemplating the sea. Maybe it’s time for me to revisit that love affair, the ocean holds so much for me and the challenges to capture the spirit and movement and sense of space is a big wonderful one. I will do my best to update my social media pages with artwork as well as bucket and spade photos.
June was a wonderful month, quite a few paintings found their forever homes, and welcome to my new subscribers!