Hi there,
Too late to say Happy New Year? Maybe a little, but the sentiment is still there. November and December were a blur, the Open Studio went so well, I think I sold nearly 20 paintings. I’m thrilled with my new clients, my existing ones and chuffed that my work is now in your homes/work spaces, I hope giving inspiration and colour to your days.
January has been really busy, so much new work underway. I’m working on a couple of different series, one almost verging on figurative! The hulking shapes of boats washed up, waiting for the tide, still soaking up my inspiration from my trip to Cornwall in October. Second series, more abstract, deep blues, big seas, little safe harbours, ghostly pale fog and mist. I’m loving the wintery colours and textures around us all, and have been taking a lot of photos – all somehow gets worked into my paintings.
I’m planning some day trips to the coast, Reculver and Deal in Kent and then Norfolk – a long trip to Holkham, one of my favourites. Essentially drawing expeditions, and to gather my thoughts and inspiration. In the meantime, in the studio, I’ve been expanding – my drawings and paintings – I’m still enjoying my 30cm x 30cm little ones, but my enormous 10m roll of canvas and paper has been getting some activity – the upscale is really liberating! Mark making takes on a whole new meaning – and I’m regularly in the local builders merchant looking for larger brushes. What I need now is a gallery to take my finished work off my hands – which will give me room to paint more. If you have any preferred galleries, would you let me know? I find many London galleries are overcrowded and oversubscribed, but all suggestions welcomed.
www.alisonsattic.co.uk is updated with the latest work, as yet unframed, but that will be done in due course. If you are interested in these or any older ones, just drop me a line. A more sketchy but broader display of work in progress is on my Instagram page.  
Thank you as always, your support means the world to me!